Wednesday, February 2, 2011

V8's for Valentines

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I'm a recent fan to motor racing. The televised coverage of such an exciting sport is truly remarkable.  The introduction of live mini cameras in all of the cars with drivers' views, forward and back, and of the the drivers themselves during the race puts you in the race more than any other sport can.  What I used to experience as watching relentless left turns now has audio between crew chiefs and drivers.  The discussion of strategy, pacing, pit timing and tire use are compared among teams.  I have a better understanding of the physical demands of driving a race car for 500 miles. 
St.Valentine's Day (Catholic School coming through there) is just 13 days away.  Last year I received a "gift" ride in a stock car racer.  I recommend it! Here's the link  For a quieter gift from gasoline alley try one of these images from my website and a few others, where you can get a print for the man cave.   Some are available framed. 
Prints from Road and Track Magazine
Road and Track
Artful Home

1 comment:

  1. My son wants to Formula un, print too.
    Loved the other one...I have to get it framed!


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