Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Retailing Urge

Its a February Saturday, there's 20 inches of snow on the lawn and I'm thinking about Garage Sales.  I love satisfying my "retailing" urge by visiting the local sales that my neighbors use to reduce clutter.  Here I can shop for hours visiting five to nine sales and still return with change from a twenty!  The older the home the better!  I've already filled my home and my studio pretty well with finds, flat files, tools, stools for portraits, antique camera equipment for atmosphere and my real favorite - lamps!  I once found a Tizio that just needed a little TLC and it sits proudly on my desk.
The first of these sales is probably six to seven weeks away.  I must curb that "R" urge till then.  If I end up at the mall it will be costly.  If I want costly, maybe a trip to the Paris Flea Markets would be better!
Anyway, it's Saturday!  The one day I use to consume instead of produce.  I've got some sites to visit!
Antiques Diva
Tools, always a favorite!

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  1. I cannot believe we have not seen one another out scouting...for rare treasures. Most everything in my home has been scored at Antique fairs, or 2nd hand yard sales....I must admit I love the thrill of finding and picking something that I love.


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