Friday, February 18, 2011

Playing hooky.

View from the cockpit!
Yes its February, but it will hit 60 degrees today!  My mind is on the river and whether I can find a paddling buddy to keep an icy water excursion on the safe side.  I have invested in the proper gear from EMS, American Terrain, and NRS so the trip will be enjoyable.  So its a day to play hooky!  You don't get these chances to often, in the winter, so you gotta grab them! What causes you to drop everything and Play?


  1. Great idea!

    I shall take a walk at the park down the street:

  2. wow, that looks like tons of fun! Hope you found a hooky partner to enjoy the waters~
    Off to ski - before the snow melts...but I know we are in for more....


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