Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Painting and Photography

From Studio Matters
Somethings just happen on the right days.  This painting by John La Farge struck me as I skimmed over the Studio Matters site.  It is in:
In the Tonalist Mood: Paintings from the 1860s to the Present at Spanierman Gallery, 45 East 58th Street, 212-832-0208.  Maureen Mullarkey's review ( A voice and taste I trust) fills the void I have for this movement in 19th Century art. These paintings have a richness I pursue in my own work.  The beauty of living near NYC is being able to see these works in person.  I will make the trip to Spanierman Gallery soon.
I work with a number of photographers as their printer.  One whose work is very directly connected to the Aestheticism of the 19th century is Larry Lederman.  His recent show at the Four Seasons in New York featured these works that I believe have a strong relationship to Church and La Farge.

Sour Gum at Wave Hill
Katsura Willow, NYBG

Sycamore, NYBG

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  1. Wonderful connection.
    Makes me appreciate being so close to NY.


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