Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soho Valentine

This morning was a return to SoHo for my wife and I.  We regularly get to Chelsea, but it has been a few years since we walked around Soho.  Our return was to visit one of our favorite breakfast stops from years past.   Our first place in NY was on Church Street and we would often have our weekend start at the Cupping Room!  They have a date nut bread that is as sweet as cake.   Catherine has a cappuccino and I stick with their Colombian brew.  The traditional Eggs Benedict is always perfect.  There is art on the walls and the wait staff is very friendly.  This morning we were surrounded by young families and visiting tourists.  The galleries may have left SoHo but the charm of the Cupping Room has remained just as it was in our first year here.  It was a Valentine moment from 1984.  Do you have a special place where romance began? 


  1. Hi John,
    We remember the Cupping Room too.
    Good choice!

    Beth and Dusan

  2. Lovely! We have many spots in the city and must pay homage by sharing a date soon.


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