Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Motoring

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Happy Motoring was a slogan of the Mobil Oil Company for a long time.  My father owned and operated a Mobil gas station for over 30 years.  Motors, tires, gas pumps, fan belts and happy customers were part of my life for the six years I spent earning minimum wage at this downtown Buffalo establishment.  This should explain my recent fascination with putting the automobile into my artwork.  The slogan usually followed the Pegasus sign that you see here.  Mobil retired this version of the Pegasus sign back in the 70's.  (They changed it to face the other way and put it in a round white lighted sign, wow!)  I always hoped to find one for sale at a salvage store.  Now I want to share with you this spot on the web where you can get anything in a vintage look from garage signs, clocks, gas pumps even old aviation brands!  This will supply me with gifts for my brothers for years to come.  They even have a section titled "Man Cave".  The gas pump's days may be numbered (a very high number) but decorating with these nostalgic signs gets right to my motoring heart.  Is there a gear head in your circle?  One of these will really ring his bell cord!


  1. There is a station near us with a Pegasus Sign on it. I will have to photograph it for you. The guys on American Pickers love this kind of stuff.

  2. I love watching American Pickers, they are so full of information and always amusing with what they find.


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